The forum merger will start on July 16th and we aim to be finished by July 31st.

What should I do before the merger?
If you haven’t logged onto the forum for a long time, you should do so.
Reminder: We are going to delete all forum accounts that have not been active in the past 365 days (no logins).
If you have one account on different forums, check that both accounts have the same email address; this way, all your posts will be merged. Please note that after the forum merger you will be allowed to use only one account and it won’t be possible to merge the accounts manually after the forum merger is complete.

I have multiple accounts on different forums; which nickname will be assigned to me?
We will merge one forum after another; this mean that you will get the nickname_suffix of the forum we merge first, and the posts of the additional accounts will be merged to that nickname. After the merger is complete, you will have the chance to change your nickname.

What if my nickname is already taken?
As we mentioned in the announcement, all the account names will get the country tag as a suffix in order to avoid duplicates. You will then be able to change your nickname into a new one if you wish. If another user claims the nickname you wanted to use before you are able to change your own nickname, please contact the Community Manager of your country, and they will evaluate the situation and take a decision.

How can I log in if I do not know which nickname has been assigned to me?
There are two ways to log in, either using the nickname or the email address. If you do not remember them, you can try to retrieve your login data using the built-in functionality.
What will happen to my post count?
We are not going to import all the messages that are on the current forums onto the new forum; your post count might therefore differ from its current level. Once the forum merger is complete, we will recalculate all the counters and you will be assigned a post count depending on how many of your posts have been moved to the new forum. There will be a new statistic for the profiles, called activity points, which will also be recalculated after the forum merger.

What are activity points?
We want to value our community members in accordance with their contribution to the community. For this reason, we will place emphasis on the activity points in the profile. You will be assigned with 10 points for each new thread you start, 5 points for each post in an opened discussion and 2 points for each like you receive.
Please note: we will assign points only in the section related directly with the game, so the Tavern section is excluded for example.

What will happen to my private messages and notes?
Unfortunately, these are some of the few things we are not able to merge onto the new forum, so your private messages and notes will be gone. Save anything that you wish to keep for yourself.

What about the old stuff that you are not bringing onto the new forum?
We are working on an archive solution for a read-only version of the current forums. This solution won’t be available straight after the forum merger, but it will come soon after. We do not have an ETA yet, but we aim to have the solution in place by no later than the end of the year.

What is the multilingualism feature?
This is a Burning Board feature that assigns user-generated content to a specific language, allowing different languages to be used in a single community. The forum will be unique and you won’t see any country forums. This means if you have selected more than one language in your profile, you will see every thread for all the languages you have selected, with the addition of a country flag, when you enter the General section. If you have selected only one language, you will only see the threads for that language.

If you select English UK as the interface language and English UK and French as languages in your profile:
You will see the interface of the forum as well as the section titles and descriptions in English
When you enter a specific section you will see the threads for the UK community with a UK flag and the threads for the FR community with a FR flag
If you select English UK as the interface language and English UK as the language:
You will see the interface of the forum as well as the section titles and descriptions in English and only the threads of the English UK community without any flags.

The default language for your profile is retained.

How many languages can I see at the same time?
If you want, you can select all languages, but be careful to select the right language in the drop-down menu when you post a new thread.

Will the interface be available in my language?
The interface (buttons, profile interface, etc...) will be available only in the following languages at the beginning: AE, AU, CL, COM, DE, ES, FR, IT, NL, PL, RU and TR; if you are willing to help us translate the interface please contact the Community Manager of your community.

How will the forum look like?
At the beginning, we will use the standard Burning Board style with different colors, and later on we will adapt the style to the upcoming new start page.