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03.12.2015, 05:16
T4.4 Task Rewards


Close the tutorial window
Click on the advisor to open the task window
Disable the help feature
Your reward:
Clay Pit Level 1

Open a forest field by clicking on it
Order the construction of a level 1 woodcutter
Your reward:
Finish level 1 woodcutter immediately

Open the level 1 woodcutter
Order the construction of a level 2 woodcutter
Your reward:
Finish construction of woodcutter level 2 immediately

Click on a crop field to open it
Upgrade the cropland to level 1
Your reward:
Instantly finish construction of level 1 cropland and upgrade to level 2

Click on the hero's image and open the overview
Change resources to clay and save
Your reward:
200 clay

Enter your village now.
Open the construction menu and select the infrastructure tab
Order the construction of a level 1 warehouse
Your reward:
Travian PLUS 24 hours.

Click on the rally point's building site
Order the construction of a level 1 rally point
Your reward:
2 gold

Complete construction orders immediately
Your reward:
10 gold

Send your hero on their first adventure
Your reward:
Your hero immediately arrives at the adventure

Open the report list
Read the new adventure report
Your reward:
10 ointments

Click on your hero's image to open the inventory
Click on the ointments in the inventory to use them
Your reward:
Additionally, your hero receives 20 experience points

Open the user interface help and have a look around the UI
Your reward:
270, 300, 270, 220

End tutorial


Task: Move on to the second adventure
Your reward: 30 hero experience

Task: Build a cranny in your village
Your reward: 130, 150, 120, 100

Task: Complete 5 adventures
Your reward: 15 ointments

Task: Construct barracks
Your reward: 110, 140, 160, 30

Task: Add or change distribution of hero points.
Your reward: 190, 250, 150, 110

Task: Train 2 basic-unit troops.
(Getting troops from adventure may somehow automatically completed this task)
Your reward: 1 cage

Task: Construct a wall (city wall / earth wall / palisade)
Your reward: 120, 120, 90, 50

Task: Open a free oasis on the map and attack it.
Your reward: 2 base-unit troops

Task: Finish 10 adventures
Your reward: 500 silver

Task: Create or place a bid in an auction.
Your reward: 280, 120, 220, 110

Task: Upgrade your barrack to level 3
Your reward: 440, 290, 430, 240

Task: Construct an Academy.
Your reward: 210, 170, 245, 115

Task: Research a troop type.
Your reward: 450, 435, 515, 550

Task: Construct a Smithy
Your reward: 500, 400, 700, 400

Task: Upgrade a troop type.
Your reward: 10 small bandages


Task: Start the construction of an iron mine
Your reward: One day +25% bonus on the production of all resources

Task: Extend one more of each resource tile to level 1.
Your reward: 160, 190, 150, 70

Task: Construct a granary
Your reward: 250, 290, 100, 130

Task: Upgrade all resource fields to level 1
Your reward: 400, 460, 330, 270

Task: Upgrade one resource field each to level 2
Your reward: 240, 255, 190, 160

Task: Construct marketplace
Your reward: 600 lumber

Task: Create a marketplace offer or accept one
Your reward: 100, 99, 99, 99

Task: Extend all resource fields to level 2
Your reward: 400, 400, 400, 200

Task: Upgrade your warehouse to level 3.
Your reward: 620, 730, 560, 230

Task: Upgrade your granary to level 3.
Your reward: 880, 1020, 590, 320

Task: Upgrade one cropland to level 5 and construct a level 1 grain mill
Your reward: Level 2 grain mill

Task: Upgrade all resource fields to level 5
Your reward: One day +25% bonus to the production of all resources.


Task: Open the statistics and compare yourself with other players.
Your reward: 90, 120, 60, 30

Task: Change the village name on the village sign.
Your reward: 100 culture points (divided by server speed)

Task: Upgrade your main building to level 3.
Your reward: 170, 100, 130, 70

Task: Construct an embassy.
Your reward: 215, 145, 195, 50

Task: Open the map in the menu.
Your reward: 90, 160, 90, 95

Task: Open the messages overview and read the taskmaster's message!
Your reward: 280, 315, 200, 145

Task: Take a look at the advantages you can buy with gold.
Your reward: 20 gold

Task: Join an alliance.
Your reward: 295, 210, 235, 185

Task: Upgrade your main building to level 5.
Your reward: 570, 470, 560, 265

Task: Construct a residence or a palace.
Your reward: 525, 420, 620, 335

Task: Open the culture points tab in your residence or palace.
Your reward: 650, 800, 740, 530

Task: Upgrade your warehouse to level 7.
Your reward: 2650, 2150, 1810, 1320

Task: Open the reports and read the surroundings reports.
Your reward: 800, 700, 750, 600

Task: Upgrade your residence or palace to level 10.
Your reward: 500 culture points (divided by server speed)

Task: Train three settlers.
Your reward: 1050, 800, 900, 750

Task: Settle a new village.
Your reward: Travian PLUS 48 hours.

請注意:以上版本為T4.4普通速版本 (normal speed)
所以有關文明點的獎勵我加了 "divided by server speed"
亦即是在決賽2x服中那2個送文明點的任務獎勵應該分別是 50 和 250

另外 由於決賽是在 comf 服 所以我用了英文版本


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